Birds of a Feather Music & Nature Festival (AND GROUP RIDE)

Event Announcement!

The Birds of a Feather Music & Nature Festival is a daylong event, featuring bands, nature workshops, guided trail hikes, craft vendors, food trucks and so much more! Bands will play throughout the day and include national acts such as Sean Rowe, The Rustic Overtones, and Sam James. SMBA is thrilled to participate in this event. We will lead a series of group rides through Grafton Lake State Park. See below for more information about the rides.

Why Participate?

100% of the proceeds go to support the nearby Berkshire Bird Paradise, a bird sanctuary for disabled and injured birds. They strive to give them a safe haven to live thrive and rehabilitate as best they can. They are dedicated to educating people to recognize the beauty of Nature’s world, which surrounds our busy lives. We are all part of the web of life and all life is precious.

Restore Rensselaer County’s music festival tradition dating back to the days of the Fox Hollow Folk Festival (1966-1980). The intention is to make this an annual event that supports the local summer tourism economy.

If you’d like to learn more about the event, follow these recent links:

For additional information about the festival, please email

About The Rides

SMBA will lead a series of group rides. The MTB rides will start at 10am from the Long Pond beach area. We will break into a few groups based on ability & pace.

  • Ridin’ Rowdy – A 3+ hour group ride. Expect a fast pace and technical terrain. This ride will be similar to our other monthly Ridin’ Rowdy group rides.
  • Advanced – A ~2 hour group ride which will feature technical terrain and an intermediate pace.
  • Skills! – A ~2 hour group ride which will focus on learning good MTB techniques. This ride will cover less distance and will instead focus on “sessioning” small pieces of technical terrain to help newer riders hone their skills and gain confidence on the rough stuff.