SMBA Board Members Become Certified in Wilderness Safety

On February 4th and 5th, Pittstown Trail Director Jack Arnold, VP Owen Dougherty, President Art Picard, and Membership Coordinator Erin Lasky participated in a Red Cross Training Course on Wilderness and Remote First Aid and Safety. The course was led by John Slyer of Sky High Adventure Center in  Averill Park. Over the course of the weekend, the SMBA board members learned how to deal with emergency situations in the woods. All partipants left the training with greater confidence and the skills to help with a wide range of scenarios–allergic reactions, anaphylaxis, bone and joint injuries, heat exhaustion, hypothemia, and bleeding–as well as CPR. Some highlights included learning how to splint properly and how to evacuate a person with a spinal cord injury. SMBA members were joined by several of our friends at Saratoga Shredders. More kids on bikes, more everyone on bikes, safety first! Ride on!