July: Riding Rowdy With SMBA

Join us on July 30th for a 2+ hour group ride on the flow-tastic Elm Ridge trails in Windham, NY. We will meet at the Elm Ridge Parking Lot at 10:00 AM.  Expect to leave the parking lot at roughly 10:15.

The Elm Ridge trail network is a series of fast and often technical trails just outside of Windham, NY in the beautiful Catskill mountains. Exact route taken will depend on the group and trail / weather conditions. If we have enough participants we will have two groups (fast and faster). Both rides will ride similar technical terrain. These trails deserve to be ridden more, so come out and Ride Rowdy with SMBA on July 30th.

We will eat in town after the ride at a local deli. Bring your appetite! These sandwiches are HUGE.

Rowdy Details:

To RSVP, ask questions, or generally discuss anything MTB related, send an email to andy.choens@gmail.com.