Easy Trails (Green Circle)

  • Access Road – This road connects the trail system and clearing with Daniels Road.
  • Carriage Trail – This is a wide, gravel trail/road that provides easy access to the outer trails. Note that all land to the inside of this trail is owned by Skidmore College and is not part of the SMBA land.
  • Power lines – The powerlines run east-west and mark the southern boundary of the SMBA land.
  • Swam Pass – The trail head is located just after the water crossing and intersection 7 on the carriage trail. This trail is a shortcut to about the middle section of Bee. It features a rather long bridge which allows us to get over the swamp.

More Difficult (Blue Square)

  • Ridgeline¬†- Ridgeline starts in the middle of the Bee trail and ends on the middle of High Noon. It has some fast sweeping turns mixed in with some rollers.
  • 107 – This trail starts off from the powerlines at pole 107. Fun and flowing, it features several small rock gardens and is considered by many riders to be an excellent warmup for their rides.
  • Here to There – Trail head starts across from the intersection of Bee and Ridgeline. The trail features switchbacks and straight sections with some areas of exposed rock that are real fun now that it’s broken in.
  • Twizzler – The trail head starts at the end of Bee and the beginning of Dam and connects to the Dam Extension. Lots of switchbacks and quick ups and downs.
  • Pilgrim – This short trail is a great chance for beginners to warm up and more experienced riders to hone their skills. The wider singletrack includes several logs upon which to practice your obstacle-clearance abilities.
  • Porky Pine ¬†- This trail provides a quick, intermediate level trail that allows riders to reach the Backstretch.
  • <Backstretch – This is our newest addition to the trail system is quickly becoming a favorite among riders.

Very Difficult (Black Diamond)

  • Pulaski – The trail head starts at the end of Bee and the beginning of Dam and connects to the Dam Extension. Lots of switchbacks and quick ups and downs.
  • Bee – This trail is one of the original SMBA trails and offers something for everyone. You will find sections that are both rocky and technical and sections that are fast and flowing.
  • High Noon – High Noon is similar in many aspects to the Bee Trail, with short steep climbs and a variety of technical sections. One of the many excellent features on High Noon is a section that starts with a fast descent, transitions into a bridge section, and then turns sharply into a short and challenging¬†climb.
  • High Roller – A fun little fast trail where you gain and lose elevation quickly, so keep your momentum up.

Extremely Difficult (Double Black Diamond)

  • Sybil – One of the trickiest trails on the SMBA property to ride cleanly, Sybil is very technical with many short and steep climbs and descents.
  • Dam Trail - It features small amounts of climbing mixed with technical descents and a few natural stunts. Expect this trail to take an our to two hours or more depending upon your skill level.

Please note that if a trail is not on the map it is not considered part of our trail system and you may be trespassing on private property.

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