Termination of SMBA/TNC Lease, effective Dec 17, 2013

The SMBA board was recently notified by The Nature Conservancy (TNC) and Finch Pruyn that they have terminated our lease of the Daniels Road property effective 12/17/13 in preparation of the upcoming land transfer to NYS Department of Environmental Conservation (DEC).

What does this mean for SMBA members?

The bad news:

  • For now there is no authorized access for SMBA members. SMBA members and the general public will not have legal access to the trails during the interim period between now and when the state acquisition is finalized. If you decide to ride the trails during this period it is at your own risk.

The good news:

For several years, the SMBA board has been actively involved with DEC regarding the land transfer. We have prepared the application for DEC’s Volunteer Stewardship Agreement (exactly like the one we have at Pittstown State Forest) and intend to file the application as soon as the land is sold to NYS. As steward of the state forest, SMBA will continue to steward the Daniels Road trails, much the way we always have.

As soon as more information is available, we’ll email an update to the membership list and post an update on the club website and Facebook page. Remember, membership support will be crucial in our efforts to build our relationship with the DEC through active communication and trustworthy land stewardship. Support your club so we can continue to ride these trails after the land transfer is complete!

Please help spread the word – Effective 12/17/2013, SMBA members no longer have legal access to the Daniels Road trail network until the land transfer is finalized.

Posted by: jmitchell on December 16, 2013 @ 3:11 pm
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