How do I join SMBA?
The easiest would be to visit one of the local area bike shops and purchase your membership. (Please be sure to bring exact cash or a check made out to “SMBA” as shops cannot accept credit cards for SMBA memberships.) If you can’t make it to a shop, memberships can be purchased through Bikereg.com (additional bikereg fees apply) or simply download the application and waiver and mail the completed forms along with your check to us. Once we receive your forms and membership payment we will mail our membership packet to you.

Why do I have to pay to ride at the SMBA trails?
The Daniels Road Trails outside of Saratoga Springs are on private land that is leased by the club. Membership fees are collected to pay the lease and other related expenses. Please be aware that riding on these trails without a membership is trespassing.

SMBA has also adopted Pittstown State Forest and is actively working on adding new trails to the existing network of trails there.  We are also highly involved in Mountain Bike advocacy across the NY Capital District working with land managers when issues arise and building positive relationships with land managers to keep trails open.

Do you sell day passes?
Unfortunately, due to our lease we are not able to sell day passes. Visiting riders can link up with current members who are allowed to have one guest per member on the trails, for a tour of trails.  We ask that this benefit not be abused. If you plan on riding at the SMBA trails more than once then please help support us and purchase a membership.

How much does a membership cost?
Memberships for 2012 are $40 for a individual and $55 for a family. (That’s cheaper than ONE day of Skiing or Golf!) The membership year is from October 1st to September 30th.

What does the membership money get used for?
Our biggest expense is the lease for the land. Membership dues also finance our insurance, IMBA dues, trail tools, events and the website.

What do I get for joining?
You help keep open one of the last legal places to ride in the Capital District.  The larger our membership base, the easier it is to not only to maintain our lease and insurance but also to continue to expand and enhance our trails and help raise the profile of mountain biking in Saratoga County and the Greater Capital District.

What else can I do once I join?
Ride! Also, we ask that every member attends at least one trail maintenance/building event per year.  We also encourage active membership by attending meetings and events.

Who runs SMBA?
The club is run by elected officers.  These officers are elected once a year. Any member can run for any of the positions. All members are encouraged to attend meetings to help decide future decisions regarding the club.

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