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Some of you might take interest in a NYS forest bike access concern and help support our cause over at Cycle-CNY.  They NEED emails and letters sent to the DEC on this one.  Quick template below, and more details on the Cycle-CNY forums.

Your local cycling community needs you.  The draft DEC Twins Sheds Unit Management Plan looks to impose new restrictions on mountain bike use in Hammond Hill & Yellow Barn State Forests, near Ithaca, NY.  Please take a minute to send an important e-mail during the official DEC Public Comment period.   A template letter has been provided below for your convenience.  Hurry, comments must be submitted by April 7, 2013!
Send comments by 4/7/13 to John Clancy (DEC),

Dear Mr. Clancy,
Thank you for the opportunity to comment on the Twin Sheds Unit Management Plan. I urge you to strongly consider the following comments for the draft plan:
I feel Action 2.2.12 is a new and unnecessary restriction of public forest use and should be removed.  I suggest wording more in line with current bike management practices that allow for forest exploration by bike while focusing bike opportunities on the forest’s multiple use trail networks.  Multi-use trails should not impose selective restriction of bikes.
I believe Action 2.2.1 should be removed from the UMP. I believe the use of bikes on snow covered trails poses no significant user conflict, as suggested by the UMP.  Action 2.2.1 is unnecessary for a multi-use trail system.
I urge the DEC and the NYS government to direct funding and support volunteer efforts for trail maintenance and the creation of additional trails.
I support the continued ban of motorized off-road vehicles on trails.
I oppose natural gas leasing, exploration, and drilling on the NYS Forest Lands within this UMP.
Bicycling broadens the recreational offerings and gets Americans out of their cars and into the natural world.   It connects people of all ages with the natural environment and is a fun, low-impact activity.  I encourage the DEC to make all accommodations possible to provide mountain bike opportunities in our NYS forests.
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