Who we are:

Founded nearly a decade ago by a small group of dedicated riders led by local businessman Chris Pitts, the Saratoga Mountain Biking Association has been working to preserve trail access and promote mountain bike activism ever since. Entirely member-supported, our member base of nearly four hundred active riders grows every year. The yearly membership fee our members pay goes to the cost of leasing and insuring a parcel of over five hundred acres located just outside the Saratoga Springs city limits on which we have built a trail network with almost twenty miles of trail which is still growing. We also support and promote the activities of a number of other area outdoor organizations.

Our Mission:

We here at SMBA love to ride bikes so much that we’ve made it our mission. We’re here to make sure we all always have somewhere to ride in the Saratoga area, and to try and expand the places where we can ride.  We do that with the help of our nearly 400 members, building and maintaining trails as well as developing good relations with all the trail user groups in our area. We also teach both mountain bikers and non-mountain bikers about recreational trail opportunities in our area and promote the ethics of responsible mountain biking.  And if along the way we can help everyone become a better rider, well, that’s just icing on the cake.

SMBA is a 501(c) 7 Organization. Please email us for futher information.

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