2013 SMBA Wrap Up and Elections

That’s a wrap! The 2013 Saratoga Mountain Bike Association end of the season meeting and officer

elections was held last week in Round Lake, NY at The Mill. An enthusiastic group of about 20 members got together to discuss the past, present, and future of SMBA. If you are curious to learn more about all aspects of the club including: DEC land acquisition updates, trail efforts at SMBA & Pittstown, financial status & projections, new riding possibilities (Thatcher Park) and event information, take a look at the PowerPoint presentation delivered at the meeting: Link to Presentation

The Saratoga Mountain Bike Association welcomes in several new members to the board in 2014.

President: Corey Carpentier
Vice President North: Josh Haugh
Vice President South: Chris Morris
Membership Director: Theresa Crombach
Treasurer: Ken Zwicklbauer
Secretary: Dan Patterson

Departing members of the board, President Steve Godlewski & Vice President Jim Mitchell, devoted a tremendous amount of time and expertise to the club over recent years. Also moving on is Dick Cooley, the north trail director. There aren’t too many trails at SMBA that he didn’t lend a hand in, great stuff! If you see them on the trail, make sure to thank them for helping guide and grow the club to its present success!

2014 is going to bring a fun and unique, yet challenging year for the club. Relationships with the NYSDEC must be strengthened through active communication and trustworthy land stewardship. New user groups must be adopted and welcomed to share this special trail system. And the club must continue to grow and foster new relationships while providing enjoyment to its entire membership!

Membership support will be crucial in our efforts to maintain trail access, maintain trail building freedom, and continue to expand our riding possibilities. Support your club!

Currently, SMBA has purchased a 6-month lease to continue exclusive access to the Daniels Rd land tract while the DEC land acquisition transaction is finalized. Recent communications from the NYSDEC have indicated March 2014 as the latest timeline to finalize the land purchase.

Please stay up to date on the current & future activity of SMBA through all forms of communication such as club website & e-mails, Facebook updates, surveys and passing by each other on the trail. We encourage member input with any aspect of the club!

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